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Girard’s Revelation

For René Girard, the Gospels have already revealed the most fundamental truths. What, then, is his own contribution to knowledge?

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Mimetic Acceleration and Capitalist Hyperintelligence

On Accelerationism and Mimetic Theory

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The Violence of Institutions, or Girard avec Foucault

René Girard and Michel Foucault shared an abiding interest in the violence embedded in institutions.

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Right Marcuseanism

Herbert Marcuse’s “Repressive Tolerance” is often cited as the progenitor of the censorious left, but its real ideological heirs are now on the right.

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Theorycels in Trumpworld

The links between the Trump administration and critical theory are less surprising than they might seem.

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The Metamodern Turn: Toward a Theory of Trump-Era Liberal Culture

“Metamodernism” offers a lens for interpreting the contradictory impulses of liberalism in recent years.

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The Linguistic Turn: On “Cynical Theories,” Part 3

The postmodern emphasis on language derives from the evolution of hi-tech liberal capitalist societies.

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Metanarrative Obsolescence: On “Cynical Theories,” Part 2

Did “Theory” make people skeptical of science, as Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay claim? Jean-François Lyotard’s account of the decline of metanarratives offers another view.

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Liberalism’s Autoimmune Disorder: On “Cynical Theories,” Part 1

James Lindsay and Helen Pluckrose characterize Theory as a “virus” attacking the liberal body politic.

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The Simulation of Violence after 9/11

Is totalized simulation a strategy of conflict management or a driver of conflict? Some of both.