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Out There

A review of “Supernatural America: the Paranormal in American Art” by Leif Bergerud.

Mimetic Theory

The Sacrificial Logic of Vaccination

@fitnessfeelingz on the deep connection between vaccination and human sacrifice.

Mimetic Theory

Mimetic Desire and Serial Monogamy: the Case of Roger Waters

Love triangles derive from the triangular structure of desire. (Guest post by Mark Anspach.)

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Hip, Woke, Square: Postscript on Mailer

“Woke” once denoted an oppositional mentality. How has it come to mean something close to “square”?

Mimetic Theory Theory

Girard’s Revelation

For René Girard, the Gospels have already revealed the most fundamental truths. What, then, is his own contribution to knowledge?

Mimetic Theory Outsiders

Crisis and Differentiation

For René Girard, social crisis is the result of a loss of differences.

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Mimetic Acceleration and Capitalist Hyperintelligence

On Accelerationism and Mimetic Theory

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The Violence of Institutions, or Girard avec Foucault

René Girard and Michel Foucault shared an abiding interest in the violence embedded in institutions.

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Right Marcuseanism

Herbert Marcuse’s “Repressive Tolerance” is often cited as the progenitor of the censorious left, but its real ideological heirs are now on the right.

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Theorycels in Trumpworld

The links between the Trump administration and critical theory are less surprising than they might seem.